Saturday, July 28 - Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Feast of St. Crispy

The Frog Ranch
14231 SE Lake Holm Rd, Auburn WA

In celebration of true midsummer in the Pacific Northwest, we'd especially love to celebrate our community in ways that are dear to the heart of our beloved saint of flashbacks, household clutter and non-sequiters; barter, gifting, sharing, eating together, and rearranging the clutter! Oh, and of course at 7pm, a Bone Poets Orchestra concert will fill the air with Bone Poets goodness!

The Feast of St. Crispy Barter Fair

Come one, come all, during the day on Saturday we'll hold a barter fair - bring your cool stuff to trade and sell, bring your pocket change, bring your talents and skills! Experience barter economy, gift economy, support your local artists, artisans, and talented workers!

If you'd like to have a vending table, trade cool stuff you've got languishing in the attic, trade your wonderful skills for cool stuff, or anything else we've not mentioned yet, contact The Amazing Lightfoot for specific information about what you?ll need to bring, and to reserve space.

The barter fair is carry-in, carry-out. Please don?t bring anything you arent going to take home with you if it doesn?t find a new owner. You'll need to provide your own table, sun shade, and light source if you want to continue to vend after dark; we won?t have electrical feed for vending tables, so camp lanterns are a pretty good idea, though it?ll be light pretty late, and pretty early on Sunday. Of course, if you have small things, you can just walk around the faire with them - do feel free to be creative! Also, think through what your things are worth, so you can barter for things, services and money, and feel good about the experience when the weekend's over.

St. Crispy's "You Look Better Naked Anyway" Clothing Exchange

Friends, neighbors, and Crispy-philes, please bring your gently used, good-condition* clothing, jewelry, and bags** castoffs to an all-sizes, all-genders, all-ages clothing swap! The idea is to bring those nice things that you just don't wear, to trade for other nice things - dancing clothes are especially welcome! Try on others' too-big, too-small, not-right-anymore items, and give them a good home if you can. Anything unclaimed will be donated: womens' work clothes to Dress for Success, all other clothing to a homeless or domestic violence shelter. Contact Sue if you have questions.

Clothing swap etiquette: be good to each other! Don't hoard a stash to try on--look at items one at a time, and talk amongst yourselves about items that more than one person is coveting. If you are getting lots of bounty, and someone else your size seems to be having less luck, share the love, and the clothes. Free love, free clothing, and St. Crispy will smile on all of us! And remember.... you look better naked anyway. :) Bring a bag (or bags) to carry your finds home in!

*Gently-used, good-condition means no holes, tears, hanging hems, rips, stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, or other calamities. That goes for the jewelry and bags too. Let's not burden our community or those in need with the problem children in our closets. Also, we don?t want to ask the volunteers who?re organizing the clothing exchange to haul away your ungiftables. We know it pains you, but go ahead and turn them into rags or quilt squares or tie-dye fodder if you just can't bear to pitch it.

**For this swap, welcome items are clothing, jewelry, and bags. Belts, hats, gloves, etc. count as clothing, as do masks and costumes. No shoes (please, just trust us, they always end up getting hauled away).

Bring any other items to the most excellent barter faire ? but please remember that the barter faire is carry in, carry out, unlike the clothing exchange - if nobody's taken your item by the time it's time to leave, you take it back home with you.

Community Potluck Kitchen:

The Festival of St Crispy is a pot-luck event - once again, celebrating community and the amazing diversity of diets and resources - we'll have a potluck kitchen set up, which will have 2 barbecues and some camp-stoves so we'll have a barbecue that?s designated vegetarian. If you bring a dish for the potluck, please bring a card with the ingredients written out, so people with restricted diets will know what they can & can't eat. If you need vegan-only pans, I recommend bringing one with you. We'll have a washing-up area, too. Contact Sue if you have questions.

Sunday morning, we?ll host a pancake breakfast donations toward that are greatly welcome!

It's a no-alcohol event, so please don?t bring wine or beer for the potluck, though soft drinks and juice are a great idea!

Things you should consider bringing to the feast
(DO label your things!):

I-5 south to Hwy 18 (exit 142) eastbound to Auburn.
Once on Hwy 18, six miles to the "Auburn-Black Diamond Rd "exit.
At the end of the ramp turn right.
Go to the traffic light and turn right. (Lake Holm Rd)
After the twisty turny hill, the road straightens out, you will climb another hill, then the road levels off more.
Look for 142nd Lane SE (private road) on your right. There is a small orange traffic cone. 142nd is our driveway.
There will be signs that say something like ST Crispy or BPO.
The house is to the right before the gate. Folks will tell you where to park.
Address: 14231 SE Lake Holm Rd, Auburn WA
Printable directions HERE

If you have questions about the event outside of the Barter Fair, Clothing Exchange, or Potluck, contact St. Crispy Himself.